• 2000 students och 11 study programmes

    About 2000 students study at the school and we host 8 study programmes at undergraduate level, and 3 master's programmes.

    Study at EST

  • Research in two areas

    The School’s research is focused on two of the research areas at Mälardalen University: Industrial Economics and Organisation, and Environment, Energy- and Resource Optimization.

    Research at EST

The School of Business, Society and Engineering

The School of Business, Society and Engineering hosts education and research within a wide range of fields: from business administration, economics and political science, to energy, building and environmental engineering.


  • Through the Social Contract, Eskilstuna Municipality, the City of Västerås, Sörmland County Council, Region Västmanland and MDH are engaged in close collaboration in research and development. Last Thursday, 8 March, the Board signed on for a further four-year period. - It feels fantastically good for us to be entering into a further four years of cooperation with precisely these four parties, who are our absolutely most important collaboration partners within the public sector, says Paul Pettersson, Vice-Chancellor of MDH.

  • Christian Pichot is a prominent researcher in microwave imaging, and during 2018 he will be a visiting professor in Embedded Sensor Systems for Health at MDH. During the year his focus will predominantly lie on research.

  • Today proceedings are being held in in the Swedish Supreme Court in the matter of the fee-paying international student who is demanding a refund of the tuition fees from MDH. The verdict will establish a precedent and will finally settle the question of the probative value to which an authority’s evaluation can be ascribed, and of whether a fee-paying student enters into a civil law agreement with their higher education institution.


  • Take the opportunity to participate in the International Week 2018. All students and employees are welcome to join in on inspiring lectures and mingle with guests from our partner universities.