Practical information

For the Academic Ceremony to be the festive day it is intended to be, there are quite a few practical details to be attended to. Here we have gathered all the information required to make participation in the day as simple and festive as possible.


The ceremony is both an inauguration and a conferment ceremony. The ceremony begins with the conferment of honorary doctoral degrees, and thereafter of the new doctorates (promovendi). The honorary doctors have one Presiding Officer and the new doctorates another. Before the promovendi have their degrees conferred, a confirmation of the Presiding Officer and the new professors (installandi) takes place when they don their hats. Then the promovendi are taken up in groups, a few at a time, each followed by a marshal carrying their doctoral hat or wreath. On the stage the Chief Marshal reads out the names of the promovendi. Conferment takes place when the Presiding Officer places the doctoral hat on the promovendi's head and thereafter hands over a diploma. When the entire group have received their hats and diplomas the audience stands up for a fanfare. After the fanfare and applause the group return to their seats. All of them keep their hats or wreaths on during the remainder of the ceremony. The new professors (installandi) are inaugurated by the Vice-Chancellor in groups and are each escorted to the stage by a marshal. The Vice-Chancellor presents a ring and a diploma to each of the new professors. See the film of the previous Academic Ceremony 2015 .


For children the formal part of the Academic Ceremony may seem both long and incomprehensible, so we recommend that you make alternative arrangements for small children. If this is not possible then one of the group must be prepared to go out if the child has a need to move about or if it can be regarded by guests of honour and other guests as disruptive. To the banquet, it is not possible to bring children, not even if they are sleeping in a stroller.


The diploma presented at the conferment is not an official document and only those participating in the ceremony receive this diploma. The degree certificate must be applied for.


The promovendi are seated in the first instance together with their respective guests and with their supervisor and guest, if any.

Formal dress

Formal dress means that the gentlemen wear a tailcoat with a white waistcoat and white bow-tie, and that the ladies wear a full-length evening gown. It is also acceptable to wear formal military attire or a folk costume.


The installandi are to give a popular lecture on their research on the day before the Academic Ceremony.

Final rehearsal

All those who are to receive their honours are to attend a rehearsal on the conferment day in Västerås Concert Hall at 13.15. After this a group photograph of all the guest of honour will be taken at 14.45. Light refreshments will be served during the afternoon before the ceremony.


All those who are interested are welcome to attend the formal part of the Academic Ceremony and also the inaugural lectures. The installandi and promovendi are free to invite these people themselves.
For the subsequent banquet an invitation is required. All the installandi and promovendi are guaranteed to bring one guest, as stated in the invitation. We can not accept more guests than that. Promovendi may also invite one of their supervisors.


One supervisor per doctorate is invited by MDH to the ceremony and the banquet, provided that their former doctoral student has accepted the invitation. When registering, the promovendi are to state which respective supervisor MDH is to invite, after which the supervisor and one accompanying guest will receive a personal invitation from MDH.


If you have received an invitation you are allowed to bring one guest.

Professors who have assumed their duties and doctoral students who have defended their theses up to 31 December 2016 are invited to the Academic Ceremony. The invitations are sent out by email during the autumn from the address If you have changed your email address it is advisable to inform the Events Coordinator at about this. The supervisors are invited once we have received the promovendi's replies to the invitation. This is to guarantee that we invite supervisors whose promovendi have accepted the invitation.


  • The Doctor's ring , which is of gold, symbolises the marriage with scholarship.
  • The Doctor's hat symbolises freedom and power. It is always black and pleated and has a gold buckle from the University.
  • The laurel wreath was a crown of victory in ancient times, but within the academic world it is a reward for scholarly labours.

Dress code

For installandi, promovendi and recipients of the Cooperation Medal and the Teaching Prize, along with their guests invited to the ceremony and banquet, formal dress is required. All the new doctorates are to wear a Swedish Doctor's hat with MDH's hat buckle. Only those who are to have their degrees conferred are to wear their Doctor's hat during the ceremony. No-one is to wear a Doctor's hat during the banquet. Those who have defended their theses at other higher education institutions are to take their hats to the ceremony.

Formal dress means that the gentlemen wear a tailcoat with a white waistcoat and white bow-tie, and that the ladies wear a full-length evening gown. It is also acceptable to wear formal military attire or a folk costume.

For guests at the ceremony only, any smart attire is acceptable.


All promovendi and installandi may take one guest to the subsequent banquet. If you have receieved an invitation as a guest to the ceremony you can also bring one guest. Please state their name when you register your answer.


Installandi and promovendi are to be in their places for the ceremony at the Concert Hall for the final rehearsal which starts at 13.15. Guests attending the ceremony are invited to come from 15.25. The audience are to have taken their seats by 16.15. The ceremony begins at 16.30 prompt.


The nearest car park for visitors is the indoor car park at Punkt, with the entrance from Munkgatan. Parking for disabled persons is at Kopparbergsvägen 1-3 and at  Melkerhuset on Kopparbergsvägen 6-8.

The Railway Station in Västerås lies about 200 metres from the Concert Hall. Transport to and from Eskilstuna will be offered.


Promovendi, their guests or invited supervisors, who need a certificate from MDH to get their visas, can email to