The public defense of Joel Schedin's licentiate thesis in Innovation and Design

Doctoral thesis and Licentiate seminars

Datum: 2017-10-27
Tid: 10.00
Plats: Mälardalen University, room Raspen, Eskilstuna

The public defense of Joel Schedin's licentiate thesis in Innovation and Design will take place at Mälardalen University on October 27, 2017, at 10.00 in room Rasoen, Eskilstuna.

Title: "Assessment of newness in a production system: Experiences from the heavy duty vehicle industry”.  

Serial number: 264

The examining committee consists of Professor  Anna Öhrvall Rönnbäck, Luleå University of Technology, Proffessor Mattias Elg, Linköping University, Senior Lecturer Jessica Bruch, MDH. Proffessor Anna Öhrvall Rönnbäck is designated as opponent.

Reserve Magnus Wiktorsson, MDH.


Assessment of newness in a production system during product and production development 

In today´s competitive environment with sales of products on a global market, it is important for companies to develop a capability to launch new innovative products and services with the right quality already from the start of production, and to shorten the time to market and full scale production for each new generation of products. There is also often a need for companies to create more innovative and improved solutions in the production system for enhanced productivity and profitability. This situation means that companies need to develop a capability to manage changes in both products and production systems at more frequent intervals and in more effective ways. The biggest challenges, risks, and uncertainties are normally connected to the introduction of something new in a production system, in comparison to use of modified or existing and more mature solutions. In this thesis the research has been focused on methods and approaches to early identify and manage newness in a production system during product and production development. More specifically different ways to assess newness with support from studies conducted within the heavy-duty vehicle industry, are discussed. Three case studies are presented which include examples from early phases of one product platform project, in addition to other finished and ongoing projects in different phases of the product and production development process. The three studies were performed at one plant in Sweden which produces advanced sub-systems for different types of vehicles. Based on theory, and selected results from the case studies, a proposed framework has also been developed which is aimed to facilitate assessment of newness in production system from a department-, project-, production process- and sub-process level perspective in order to support the work for project managers, production developers and production engineers at companies within industry in Sweden and abroad. Finally, suggestions for further research and interesting practical challenges within this area are presented.