Regarding the water leak at MDH in Västerås: Questions and answers

May 29, 2015 | Student On campus

An extensive water leak has occurred at MDH in Västerås. It has caused damage in the U-building on floor 1 and 2 and in the basement.

On Thursday evening 28 May at 18.40, an extensive water leak occured at MDH in Västerås. A water pipe to the sprinkle system in the crossing between the U and R buildings broke. This caused a massive amount of water to stream in to the U-building floor 2, down to floor 1 and the basement.

What is closed?

  • The group rooms on floor 2 that is close to the crossing to the R-building.
  • The crossing between the R and U building.
  • During the period between 8 June and the start of the autumn semester, the entrances to the Division of Student Affairs, the Divison of Campus Affairs and to HVV on floor 2 will be closed. Instructions on how to get in to these premises will be available

What is open?

  • Student Centre (closed Monday 8 June due to sanitation)
  • Restaurants (Rosenhill closes for the summer vacation 17 June, Origo 5 June)
  • The University Library
  • All lecture halls

How do the computer traffic and IT-services work?

Due to the amount of water in the basement, all serves at MDH have been affected. This shut down the computer traffic for the entire university, the website and other IT services. The computer traffic and the IT services, including Blackboard, are in traffic again, which means that all systems at MDH are working again.

How long will this take?

The sanitation company, the insurance company and the property owners are now trying to get a full perspective on the damages. Work is ongoing to make everything work as usual as soon as possible.

How is MDH in Eskilstuna affected?

Due to the fact that the servers of MDH are located in the affected area at campus Västerås, all computer traffic has been affected.

For updates

For updates, please check and MDH:s Facebook page