Free introduction to Matlab

Mar 07, 2016 | Education Student

The 14 April you can attend a free seminar as an introduction om Matlab. It is Mathworks that give the seminar at MDH in Västerås.

As a student and employee at MDH you have the opportunity to download Matlab to your private computer and get free courses from MathWorks.

Matlab is a programme and programming language from the MathWorks company, and is primarily used for mathematical and technical calculations. MDH has had a campus licence for Matlab since the beginning of the year, which means that both employees and students at MDH can download and install the Matlab programme on their private computers.

Apart from gaining access to the programme on your own computer, you also gain access to several Matlab courses given by MathWorks. These courses are free of charge, and on completion of a course you will be able to get a course certificate issued by MathWorks.

Now the date for the next introduction is set: 14 April at MDH in Västerås.

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