Download the Matlab programme to your private computer

Jan 04, 2016 | Student Education

MDH is getting a campus licence for Matlab, which means that both staff and students at MDH can download and install the Matlab programme onto their private computers. Matlab is a programme and programming language from the MathWorks company and is primarily used for mathematical and technical calculations.

- It feels really positive that MDH can offer this. The campus licence means that Matlab and Simulink, with some 50 specially selected toolboxes, may be used free of charge in computers owned by MDH. Moreover both staff and students can download the same programme suite to their private computers. In addition to increased flexibility for students and researchers we also get access to seminars, digital courses and exercises, says Berit Nyqvist, Director of the IT Division at MDH.

Information on how you download and install Matlab

Support is done by Mathwork