MDH – an accessible university

Mar 06, 2015 | On campus

One of the core concepts in MDH’s equal treatment plan 2015 is accessibility. The objective is for the University to be an accessible workplace for both students and employees.




The term ‘accessibility’ is used to describe how well the various aspects of an organization’s work, including the premises, function for people with disabilities. The concept also comprises access to information and how people are treated.

An important aspect of accessibility is that everybody, regardless of possibly reduced speaking, voice and language abilities, should have the opportunity to get in touch with MDH via phone. In order to ensure this, the communication services ‘Teletal’, ‘texttelefoni’ and ‘bildtelefoni’, as they are called in Swedish, are available.

As part of the work to ensure that MDH is an accessible workplace for both students and employees, there is a working group that meets annually to discuss and evaluate the University’s premises and activities. These meetings are convened by Equal Opportunities Strategist Marika Hämeenniemi.

In order for students to receive the right kind of support, there is a coordinator and an administrator working with different forms of pedagogical support for students with disabilities.

Read the Equal Treatment Plan and find out more about the alternative communication services