gets new search appliance

Oct 16, 2015 | On campus

Around the turn of the month October/November, MDH will change its website search engine from Google Search Appliance (GSA) to Google Site Search (GSS). This entails some minor changes for visitors to the website.

- GSS is a cloud-based website search application that better fits MDH’s website and costs considerably less than the GSA solution, says web manager Daniel Rosenberg.

Indexing and searching will look like and function more or less as they do today for the visitor. The biggest difference is a reduced possibility to filter search hits, as there will only be one search box instead of today’s two.

No searches on the intranet

GSS does not search password-protected sites either, though that’s what today’s intranet is. However, there will be a reduced need for website searches when the current intranet is transferred to the internal portal. It will not be possible to search the intranet from the day MDH switches to GSS until the launch of the internal portal has been completed.

- That we are doing this now is simply due to the fact that the GSA licence expires at the end of the month, says Daniel Rosenberg.