• Save the date - Idélab's kick off

    Welcome autumn together with Idélab!

    Brush the beach from your feet and start off your autumn in the best possible way - together with your friends at Idélab!

    We have an interesting program planned where we, among other things, will learn more about crowdfunding and crowdsourcing. After the the kick off we welcome everyone for an after work!

  • Coffee friday - Last friday every month

    Did you know that:

    • If you want to make the most of the morning cup of coffee, you should drink it sometime after 9:30 or at least one hour after you get out of bed?

    • In Turkey there has been a law saying that if a man does not supply his wife with coffee, she was entitled to apply for divorce?

    • Coffee is so popular that there are countries where you have created special coffee feasts to honor the drink?

    Now, Idélab is also introducing a coffee feast, COFFEE FRIDAY!

    We offer free coffee last Friday every month. Bring your friends and drink a cup of coffee and hang out with us.

    Dates for the autumn 2018:

    Sep 21 (Västerås, Länken)

    Oct 26 - (Eskilstuna, Idélab)

    Nov 30 - (Västerås, Länken)

  • Idélab's events autumn 2018

    Our event calendar for the autumn semester is now avaliable. Start planning and write down the most important dates to be sure you are not missing out. Download our event calendar below.

    Event calendar autumn 2018 (pdf 144 kB)

    Do you miss any theme? Please send your tips to idelab@mdh.se