• Take part and compete with your idea!

    Are you a student or member of staff at MDH and have an idea for a new product or service? In that case you can take part in Idélab's idea competition. The winner will among other things get support from Idélab to develop their idea.


    The purpose of the competition is that we will inspire our students and staff to tell us about their ideas. It can be everything from an idea for a product to a service, within any area at all. Everything is welcome, says Emma Göransson and Madéleine Pilstrand at Idélab.
    The contributions can be submitted from 26 February until 26 March. The requirements for being allowed to take part in the competition are that you are a student or member of staff at MDH. The contribution must be sent in digitally to idelab@mdh.se and contain information about:
    • idea owner
    • name of the idea
    • what the problem is that the idea will solve
    • how the idea solves the problem
    Product ideas will be judged on for example economic sustainability and competitiveness, social innovation ideas on their usefulness to society, and services on for example the size of the market, economic sustainability and competitiveness.
    The jury consists of a number of representatives from the private sector, Idélab and MDH.

    There will be a festive celebration of the winner

    The winner of the idea of the year will be presented during the Idea Party which is being arranged at Idélab in Eskilstuna on 26 April at 15.00 – 20.00. During the event the Value Creator of the Year, Ambassador of the Year, Rookie of the Year and Changer of the Year will also be appointed. Visitors will also be able to mingle in an exhibition area where Idélab’s clients will have the opportunity to present and market their products and ideas. The compere during the day will be Mrs Murphy.
    The purpose of the Idea Party is not just to present the winners but also to highlight our clients and alumni, highlight Idélab’s activities at MDH, thank our cooperation partners and contribute towards an enjoyable end of the year. Our hope is that this will be an annually recurring arrangement, say Emma Göransson and Madéleine Pilstrand.
    For more detailed information about the idea competition and the Idea Party, keep a lookout on


  • Årets Idéfest - där närings- och innovationsliv skapar magi

    Bokar redan nu upp den 26 april i kalendern, då är det premiär för Årets Idéfest! Idélab kommer att dela ut priser till våra duktiga klienter och till vinnaren av årets Idétävling!


    psst... vill du redan nu anmäla dig?

  • Coffee friday - Last friday every month

    Did you know that:
    • If you want to make the most of the morning cup of coffee, you should drink it sometime after 9:30 or at least one hour after you get out of bed?
    • In Turkey there has been a law saying that if a man does not supply his wife with coffee, is she entitled to apply for divorce?
    • Coffee is so popular that there are countries where you have created special coffee feasts to honor the drink?
    Now, Idélab is also introducing a new coffee feast, COFFEE FRIDAY!
    We offer coffee last Friday every month. Bring your poles and drink a cup of coffee and hang out with us.
    Note in wich campus coffee friday is held!

    26 January - Västerås (länken)

    23 February - Eskilstuna (Idélabs lokal)

    30 March - Västerås (länken)

    27 Aprill - Eskilstuna (Idélabs lokal)

    25 May - Västerås (länken)


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