Collaborate with us at MDH

Mälardalen University (MDH) has been in close cooperation with companies, organisations and the public sector for 35 years, which gives us a unique competence and experience. We believe in cooperation that is valuable and beneficial, with new knowledge for a national and regional development together.

Every year Mälardalen University runs hundreds of cooperation projects with companies, county councils, municipalities, public authorities and organisations, both locally and regionally as well as globally. We cooperate with global companies and public operators in the region. We provide competence to close to 20 municipalities, two county councils and hundreds of small to medium sized companies.

MDH offers competence development for staff, direct contact with students for degree projects, work placement or jobs, places for municipal and industrial researchers and well-developed alumni activities.

Cooperation with industry and the public sector

Mälardalen University collaborates with industry and public operators in the region through, inter alia, research, degree projects and education within our strategic partnerships.

Collaboration with industry

Would you like to know more about our collaborative agreements with industry? Contact:

Anna Bärgård, Process Manager, Division of Communications and External Relations

021-10 70 47

Collaboration with the public sector

Would you like to know more about our collaboration agreements with the public sector? Contact:

Charlotta Svebéus, Process Manager, Division of Communications and External Relations

021-10 31 20

Research and development

Does your company or organisation have a problem or an issue in need of exploring? We have many skilled researchers and would like to find joint research endeavours for our relevant areas.

Contact the research coordinator in the related academy

Entrepreneurship and innovation

Idélab is Mälardalen University’s support for students and employees who wish to realise their ideas. We are also involved in several collaborations in the region.

Idélab captures the needs and ideas of external interested parties in order to hone and realise them. Student and research competence are important aspects of these processes.

Patrik Klintenberg
021-10 31 95