See what opportunities you have as a student to apply for scholarships.


Erasmus grant

Apr 25, 2013When you go to a European university with which MDH has an agreement you can apply for an Erasmus Grant. This you do by indicating in the application for an exchange place that you are applying for a grant. You must also submit information about your bank.

Erasmus Mundus

May 05, 2012Erasmus Mundus gives you an opportunity to go as an exchange student to the Western Balkans!


Aug 28, 2012The Linnaeus-Palme programme is an exchange programme for teachers and students. The aim of the programme is to promote long-term cooperation based on mutual benefit between higher education institutions in Sweden and those in developing countries in order to stimulate further global internationalization of higher education.

MFS - Minor Fields Studies

Nov 16, 2017The Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida's) programme for Minor Field Studies (MFS) is designed to enhance Swedish students’ knowledge and understanding of developing countries. The programme may also be seen as part of the process to internationalise Swedish universities and colleges.