Webinars / Online open days

With the application period from mid October to 16 January there are a lot of decision making going on among all of you future students out there. In order to make it easier for you to get in depth information to support your choice we are arranging webinars / online open days for our international programmes.

In our webinars you'll get to meet the programme coordinator and a current student, who will tell you about the content, career possibilities after graduation, what it's like to be a student here at MDH and much more. You also get the chance to ask questions and get them answered right away during the Q&A. Each webinar lasts for about an hour and in order to view it you first need to register.


Here's a list of our programmes and webinar dates linking to the respective webinar registration page:

Computer Science (Master's programmes) - September 28 at 17.00 CET

International Business Management (Bachelor's programme) - October 3 at 17.00 CET

Engineering Mathematics (Master's programme) - October 5 at 18.00 CET

International Marketing (Master's programme) - October 9 at 17.00 CET

Analytical Finance (Bachelor's programme) - October 11 at 17.00 CET

Product and Process Development (Master's programme) - October 12 at 17.00 CET

Financial Engineering (Master's programme) - October 18 at 17.00 CET

Innovation and Design (Master's programme) - October 24 at 17.00 CET

Sustainable Energy Systems (Master's programme) - October 26 at 17.00 CET


Missed a live webinar? Don't worry, they are recorded and you'll be able to find a link to the respective recording on the programme pages