Research to minimize the risk of car crashes

Mar 04, 2019 | Research/Cooperation

About 90% of all traffic accidents are assigned to the drivers’ errors being affected by sleepiness, fatigue, stress or cognitive load. Shaibal Barua has identified and classified parameters that can be used as a tool to minimize the risk of traffic accidents caused by the driver's health condition.


Shaibal Barua

In 2010, Shaibal chose to move to Sweden to study a master's degree in software engineering after friends and acquaintances in Bangladesh recommended MDH as an industrial-oriented university. Today he has recently defended his doctorial thesis in computer science at MDH and hopes to contribute to future research.

- The parameters are used as a tool to identify the driver's condition at an early stage to detect any sleepiness, stress and cognitive load. In this way, we can minimize the risk of traffic accidents that are assigned to the driver's state, Shaibal Barua says.

To be able to identify the parameters, the driver's heart rate, brain activity, eye movements, skin conduction, finger temperature and respiratory signals were measured and  275 parameters from these signals were investigated to see how the body was affected by sleepiness, stress and cognitive load. 

- I have chosen to limit my research to car drivers, but the parameters could also be used for other vehicles, for example truck drivers or construction equipment operators. If we in any way can minimize the risk of traffic accidents then it is self-evident for me to be able to contribute with my competence and I hope that the research tool can also be used for future research, Shaibal Barua says.