Secure the future for you and your colleagues – courses to apply for

Nov 05, 2019 | Research/Cooperation Education

Now that you have been working for a few years, you can further develop your skills by doing courses within several future-related areas.


Everybody talks about lifelong learning, which means that we continually need to top up with new knowledge. To meet the challenges of the future in areas such as digitalisation and globalisation, MDH has produced a number of courses in Applied AI, Environmental and Energy Engineering, Software and Computer Systems Engineering and Production Engineering. The aim of the courses is that by participating you will quickly acquire new skills.

The courses have been developed in cooperation with a large number of companies, based on their skills challenges and actual needs. Their contents are directly applicable to the companies’ activities and give the participants an insight into research, methodology and technologies that are in the forefront.

Just now there are several courses to apply for, with these courses starting on 11 November: