How international companies increase collaboration

Mar 06, 2019 | Research/Cooperation

Researcher at MDH have developed a framework that can be used by international companies to improve collaboration within such companies.


Farhad Norouzilame

- I have developed a framework that deals with developing clear roles and a visual process over how each plant contributes in cross-plant international projects. Managing or developing an international manufacturing company is not an easy task, but to succeed, a company must set aside time for collaboration and coordination, Farhad Norouzilame says.

Farhad Norouzilame, who recently defended his doctoral thesis in innovation and design, has developed a framework that can be used by project managers or managers who are responsible for international manufacturing companies. In the doctoral thesis "Coordination of international manufacturing networks" Farhad highlights the benefits of using the framework in order for companies to be able to maintain the pace of the increased competitiveness.

Knowledge transfer is taken for granted

When companies choose to globalize, it also means that the knowledge that is in the company and the employees who are in place need to spread their knowledge through networks so as not to lose momentum in production.

- What amazes me is that you often assume that the knowledge transfer will work between the factories, when reality looks different. Apart from having to take the distance into consideration, one also has to take into account our biggest challenges such as the type of knowledge, cultural and social aspects. If you get it to work, you have the key to success, Farhad Norouzilame says.