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AIClass is the name of a new web-based education, developed by researchers at Mälardalen University (MDH) in collaboration with companies in the process industry and coordinated by RISE SICS, Västerås. The purpose of the education is to spread knowledge about Big data, Artificial intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) which can be applied in the process industry to improve production.

Now that you have been working for a few years, you can further develop your skills by doing courses within several future-related areas.

The International Clean Energy Talent Project (iCET2019) attracts Chinese researchers to MDH and Västerås – Sweden’s energy capital.

To meet the climate crisis at global level, the natural sciences are joining forces with the social sciences and the humanities. Therefore a new international association, BRIDGES, is being formed during 2019, which includes UNESCO, several other international scientific organisations and leading institutions of higher educaiton, among them Mälardalen University, MDH. Its concluding workshop is now being held in Sigtuna, where the action programme is being drawn up.

Google is looking for future employees by inviting students from the Nordic countries to come behind the scenes at the company’s European Head Office in Dublin on 4–6 November.

Västerås consolidates its role as Sweden's energy capital when MDH hosts the conference "International Conference in Applied Energy" with over 800 energy researchers from 54 countries.

After seven years at MDH, it is time for Irfan Sljivo, Doctor in Computer Science and Engineering, to continue his research in the field of safety-critical systems, but on another continent. During this summer he will start working at NASA’s Ames research center in Silicon Valley, California, USA.

Steven Hartman, Comparative Literature scholar, Professor of English, and a driving force in the growing field of the Environmental Humanities, is one of several central figures in the establishment of a new international organisation for sustainability collaboration, BRIDGES.

MDH establishes itself on the language research map when researchers from over twenty countries gather to discuss interactional competences in a second language – an emerging field of research and an important competence for the future, in the classroom as well as in the labour market.

This year’s Global Swede from MDH, Ms Amani Othman, has officially received the award during a national ceremony in Stockholm, where among others the Minister of EU Affairs and Trade, Mrs Ann Linde, was present.

Students from MDH and seven HEIs (higher education institutions) in the Nordic and Baltic countries have together been commissioned by Västerås City to come up with ideas about Mälarporten, the biggest city construction project ever in Västerås. The commission has been given within the framework of Nordplus, which is a network for international exchange between HEIs in the Nordic and Baltic countries.

MDH has the second largest increase in the number of admitted students among all Swedish universities, according to statistics from UHR. The number of admitted fee-paying students has also increased.

First-year students are welcome to an information meeting 21 March where you get to know where you can go, how you apply and how you can influence your merit value if you are interested in applying for exchange studies in the future!

Researcher at MDH have developed a framework that can be used by international companies to improve collaboration within such companies.

About 90% of all traffic accidents are assigned to the drivers’ errors being affected by sleepiness, fatigue, stress or cognitive load. Shaibal Barua has identified and classified parameters that can be used as a tool to minimize the risk of traffic accidents caused by the driver's health condition.

In order for hand prostheses to contribute to individuals’ independent life, more research is needed in the field. Sara Abbaspour has investigated how data from muscle activities can be used to develop more accurate systems for the control of prosthetic hands.

Mathematics, nature and industry appeal to Marjan Sirjani, who is one of the professors who will be installed during Academic ceremony on April 5, 2019.

The number of applicants in the international application rounds increases. The programmes on basic level display the biggest increase, 29 percent compared to last year, but there is also an increase on advanced level. This can be seen in the latest application statistics that was recently published.

They are the only Swedish team to participate in the Rotman International Trading Competition, a three-day event attracting some of the top students in the field, all striving for a career in finance.

Many people can doubtless relate to the frustration arising when a system freezes or when a system doesn’t behave the way we want it to, probably owing to a bug in the system. Sara Abbaspour Asadollah has produced a tool which will help us to understand the patterns of bugs, and make it simpler for us to deal with them at an early stage.

MDH has always been a place to solve real problems together with the Swedish industry. In the doctoral thesis “Multi-Criteria Optimization of System Integration Testing” she presents optimization techniques for software tests so that they can be made more efficient and become less expensive.

Vehicles, trains and aircraft contain safety-critical systems that undergo changes continuously. Every change must be handled carefully, as it can affect the safety of the system and have devastating consequences. Omar Jaradat, who recently received his PhD in computer science at MDH, has been researching on how the management of changes in these systems can be facilitated, while preserving safety.

Afternoon with alumni is a series of open events aiming to inspire and encourage ongoing students in their pursuit of future carriers

The former MDH doctoral student Atcharawadee Sriyasak won acclaim recently as the best researcher in Nursing in the Thailand region of Phetchaburi.

Autobike and Unicorn are the names of two student projects being conducted in collaboration between students, researchers and company partners in two different research projects. The final year students at the M.Sc. Engineering programme in Robotics, and the Master’s programme in Intelligent Embedded Systems, have been working, during the autumn, with developing an autonomous bicycle and an autonomous refuse-collecting robot.

Researchers at Mälardalen University (MDH) will provide a framework for the development and use of a new technology called Time Sensitive Networking (TSN). This technology enables embedded computers in vehicles to communicate large-sized and time-sensitive information with each other. Through the research project “DESTINE - Developing Predictable Vehicle Software Utilizing Time Sensitive Networking”, future vehicles can be safer.

The international interest to study at MDH is large and the number of international students applying is increasing. At the School of Business, Society and Engineering (EST) major efforts are made in international student recruitment and activities are made in for example Indonesia, Thailand, Mexico, The Netherlands, and Germany.

Mobyen Uddin Ahmed researches on how Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) can be used to detect and prevent health problems and safety risks in traffic. On November 22, he holds his docent lecture titled "Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Reasoning in Data Science".

Out of 2 000 applicants Malin Andersen, one of 40 students from the Nordic countries, was invited to Google’s European headquarters in Dublin to see what one of the world’s largest hi-tech companies looks like from the inside.

In order to develop safer and cheaper technical products in the transport, manufacturing and telecommunications industry, testing of these products needs to be more efficient and effective. Within the research project XIVT - eXcellence in Variant Testing, researchers at MDH are trying to build the next generation of software testing that is addressing this challenge.

On December 31, 2018, the service PayEx account will be discontinued. You have already received information about this from PayEx. The PayEx information sates what you should do to withdraw your remaining amount.

For employees at MDH there’s a new and easy way to access the latest Elsevier articles that the library no longer has access to after the cancellation of the agreement with Elsevier on June 30, 2018.

A research collaboration between Mälardalen University (MDH) and Shandong University, China will compare the situation for women exposed to domestic violence in Sweden and China.

Elena Bogdanova is a new visiting researcher at Mälardalen University and she will be at the School of Health, Care and Social Welfare up to and including February.

Before a product, with an embedded safety-critical system, is launched on the market, the product goes through rigorous safety certification process. Irfan Sljivo, who recently defended his doctoral thesis in computer science at MDH, has researched on how these processes can be done faster and cheaper, which ultimately contributes to safer products for the user.

This spring the Bibsam Consortium cancelled the agreement with Elsevier. This affects the access to content from ScienceDirect. You can not access articles published after June 30 2018. However you can still read and download Elsevier articles written earlier than June 30 this year.

As a student, alumnus or member of staff at MDH you have access to the career portal, HigherEd, where you can apply for a placement or a job abroad. This service is provided by EFMD (the European Foundation for Management Development) of which the University is a member.

SAFECOMP is the name of Europe's largest conference in critical computer applications, focusing on safety, reliability and security. MDH, has been entrusted by the EWICS (European Workshop on Industrial Computer Systems), to organize the 37th edition of SAFECOMP, which will be held in Sweden for the first time, in 2018.

Gabriel Campeanu, who recently defended his doctoral thesis in Computer Science, has come up with an improvement to an existing method to facilitate the development of embedded systems, that is, the computer systems that control the technology around us. With the newly developed means, modern applications such as autonomous vehicles, can have a speed up regarding their development and performance.

The Swedish Energy Agency is granting MDH 5.7 million SEK for a three-year project to investigate the technology for negative emissions, with the aim of achieving the goal of reducing the rate of increasing global warming. – These are extremely important questions for future sustainable energy supply, says Jinyue Yan, Project Manager and Professor of Energy Engineering at MDH.

Today, Wednesday 5 September, Prime Minister Stefan Löfven and the Minister for Higher Education and Research Helene Hellmark Knutsson visited MDH in Västerås. At their visit they announced that a government led by the Social Democrats intends to upgrade Mälardalen University College to Mälardalen University of Technology.

As a student or employee at MDH you now have access to SAGE Research Methods Video through a subscription at the library.

MDH and the research specialisation Future Energy Center was this week coordinating the International Conference on Applied Energy in Hong Kong. A scientific energy conference that celebrates its 10-year anniversary this year.

Vasja Çollaku has been studying the master's programme in Software Engineering. 60 credits, and awarded the Global Swede 2018. After a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science in Albania, she chose to continue her studies at MDH - a choice she did not regret.

22-24 May 2018 International Week was held at Mälardalen University. With almost 50 representatives from universities and partners all over the world it was a week filled with seminars, new learnings and social events.

To cope with the changes taking place within the manufacturing industry, companies need to strive towards continuous innovation and become versatile. This is the opinion of Lina Stålberg, who is researching into lean implementation and development of continual changes in manufacturing companies.

Björn Fagerström has been an adjunct professor at MDH for 12 years. On 20 June he will take the next step and become a new Professor of Product Development.

Recently MDH researcher Maria Lindén received the “Laura Bassi Award” from IFMBE (The International Federation for Medical and Biological Engineering) in conjunction with the World Congress on Medical Physics & Biomedical Engineering. The prize was awarded to Maria Lindén for her contributions within this field.

During her time as an externally employed doctoral student at MDH, Anna Sannö and a few colleagues had the idea of writing a handbook for how academia and industry can succeed in conducting research projects together. Now the handbook “How to Succeed with Co-production” has become a reality.

Marie Parker Jenkins is the visiting professor in memory of Alva Myrdal. The professorship aims to honour Alva Myrdal’s achievements as a researcher, politician and a strong voice in public discourse. - I must say that I am enormously proud about this visiting professorship in memory of Alva Myrdal. She really was an outstanding woman! This professorship is a good alignment both with my private and professional life - a very good match! says Marie Parker Jenkins.

Alex Tumwesigye is one of several PhD students from East Africa, who through the International Science Programme (ISP) is studying at Mälardalen University. On May 29th, Alex becomes the first PhD student under the ISP subnetwork Eastern Africa Universities Mathematics Programme to defend a Swedish PhD at Mälardalen University.

Ten years ago, the research paper "A Component Model for Control-Intensive Distributed Embedded Systems" was published. Recently, the same paper was awarded the most influential paper within component-based software development. Senior lecturer Séverine Sentilles and Professor Jan Carlson are two of the authors.

The cancellation affects the access to content from ScienceDirect.

Vasja Çollaku, student at the Master’s programme in Software Engineering, has been awarded the title Mälardalen University Global Swede for 2018. As Global Swede Vasja will act as ambassador for Sweden, MDH and higher education, both in her home country Albania and in other countries where opportunities turn up.

In one of the research projects at MDH right now, the focus is on the conditions for young people to lead a healthy life style. Tove Sjunnestrand and Steven Doerstling work as research assistants in the project and are the ones who have been gathering information from over 500 16-18-year-olds in Västerås.

Professor Edward A. Lee is a visiting professor at MDH until September 2018 and will give an open seminar on May 2nd. The latest textbook he wrote has the title: “Embedded Systems - A Cyber-Physical Systems Approach” and the expertise in the research field of Embedded Systems is what attracted him to MDH.

Engineering systems used in transportation and power generation are the largest consumer of fuel worldwide. Mohsin Raza research is about how components for engineering systems within these areas can be developed to reduce fuel consumption and hence contribute to decreasing environmental foot print.

Today, Tuesday 17 April, the precedential ruling from the Supreme Court was announced in the matter of the fee-paying student who is demanding a refund of the tuition fees from MDH.

Computer systems that are connected and communicate with each other become more and more common. Elena Lisova has researched how the security of these systems can be improved to resist external threats.

On April 4 a new computer club, called "The Club", will be opening at MDH. A place for students and researchers interested in the fields of computer science, embedded systems and software engineering.

Alessandro Papadopoulos researches on how computing devices and software applications that we use on a daily basis can be more efficient and reliable, using control theory. In his lecture, titled "Control of Computing Systems", he explains how control theory can be used for the design and implementation of these computer systems.

Through the Social Contract, Eskilstuna Municipality, the City of Västerås, Sörmland County Council, Region Västmanland and MDH are engaged in close collaboration in research and development. Last Thursday, 8 March, the Board signed on for a further four-year period. - It feels fantastically good for us to be entering into a further four years of cooperation with precisely these four parties, who are our absolutely most important collaboration partners within the public sector, says Paul Pettersson, Vice-Chancellor of MDH.

Christian Pichot is a prominent researcher in microwave imaging, and during 2018 he will be a visiting professor in Embedded Sensor Systems for Health at MDH. During the year his focus will predominantly lie on research.

Today proceedings are being held in in the Swedish Supreme Court in the matter of the fee-paying international student who is demanding a refund of the tuition fees from MDH. The verdict will establish a precedent and will finally settle the question of the probative value to which an authority’s evaluation can be ascribed, and of whether a fee-paying student enters into a civil law agreement with their higher education institution.

Researchers at MDH have been granted 28 million SEK for the research project Serendipity – Safe and Reliable Platforms for Autonomy. The purpose of the project is to improve protection against cyber attacks in safety critical systems.

This autumn, the Nordic Master Programme in Intelligent Software Systems (NISS) will be starting at MDH. This is a programme which will give Master’s students in Software Engineering and Intelligent Embedded Systems the opportunity to study parts of their education at another university and at the same time take a double degree.

For people in a society to be able to make use of technology, such as cars, trains or medical equipment, we must have computer systems which steer the technology that work in a safe way and do not expose people to danger. MDH researcher Jiale Zhou has been looking more closely at how the safety in these computer systems can be improved.

Now you who are studying or working at Mälardalen university have the ability to download and install an applications for speech-synthesis and spell-checking without any cost.

The Knowledge Foundation (KK-stiftelsen) is supporting the venture Automation Region Research Academy (ARRAY), an industrial research school and unique cooperation platform for engineering research at Mälardalen University (MDH). This is an investment of 75 million SEK altogether, whereby the Knowledge Foundation is granting MDH 32 million SEK for the industrial research school ARRAY, which is being established together with ABB, Volvo CE, Skanska, Sandvik and First Control Systems. MDH and the companies are investing 14 and 29 million SEK respectively.

The research of Jesús Zambrano focuses on how to clean wastewater by using microorganisms.

All types of vehicles have different functions steered by computer systems, which in turn are steered by software. By streamlining the development of software, Alessio Bucaioni’s research can contribute towards safer and better vehicles.

Technology in industry is developing all the time to be able to perform increasingly more tasks. To be able to manage this, computer systems steering the technology need to be more powerful. This is something that MDH researcher Sara Afshar has been taking a closer look at.

Anette Sandberg, Professor of Education with specialisation in Preschool at MDH, was recently elected one of AcademiaNet’s ”Leading women in science". AcademiaNet is run by a German foundation which, together with European partners from academia as well as the private sector, nominates and elects women researchers with excellent research within their field.

Developments in the vehicle industry have led to increased complexity in vehicle systems, since they have to be able to perform increasingly more tasks. MDH researcher Matthias Becker has been taking a closer look into how vehicle systems can be developed to be able to meet the demands of increased functionality.

New technological advances, the short life cycle of products, and increasing demands for variation in the range of products are all characteristic of today’s rapidly changing market. This implies that the need of flexibility within the manufacturing industry is increasing. Narges Asadi is researching on what is characteristic of flexibility in assembly systems used by the manufacturing industry, and how product design can facilitate flexibility.

Postdoctoral Research Fellow Ivan Tomašić, MDH, was recently awarded the Puh Prize, one of Slovenia’s most prestigious research prizes. He was awarded the prize for his research which has contributed towards the production of a wireless ECG monitor.

​In connection with the CSEE&T conference (Conference in Software Engineering Education and Training), the MDH course "Distributed Software Development" was elected into the Hall of Fame for courses in software development education.

Jonas Ljungblad, doctoral student at MDH, has been involved in producing an alcohol sensor which registers whether a person has alcohol in their body by means of exhaled air, without using a mouthpiece. The purpose of the sensor is to facilitate the process in breathalyser tests.

Now can everyone log in with their MDH account for access to Microsoft Imagine

Brain-like machines, e.g. a computing system that can perform tasks on their own, can be used in different types of applications used in our daily life. Masoud Daneshtalab is a senior lecturer at MDH and his research is focusing on energy efficient and high-performance computing.

After battery hassles, change of competition class and daytime temperatures of over 40 degrees, MDH Solar Car has got through 3 000 kilometres across Australia. Six days after the start the solar car rolled over the finishing line in Adelaide, in front of a cheering MDH team.

For a good three weeks the MDH Solar Team has been in Australia to prepare for the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge, which started on Sunday 8 October. After several years’ work constructing a solar car, which is to take them across Australia, the time has now come for the competition.

Several of the study programmes that students at MDH read are interesting when the Volvo Group is to recruit employees. Therefore MDH students now have the opportunity to apply for the internship programme Volvo Group International Internship Program (VGIIP), an internship programme for students at specially selected universities and university colleges around the world.

All products that contain some type of embedded system, i.e. a computer, needs software to steer it. MDH researcher Federico Ciccozzi is researching into new methods that improve and simplify the development process when producing software. The aim is to save both time and money for the companies at the same time as the product becomes better and more secure.

The Innofacture Research School at MDH wants to develop its international research cooperation. Now they have their sights set on Japan.

In April, the Svea Court of Appeal issued a judgment regarding the repayment of tuition fees to an MDH student. The Higher Education Institution chose to appeal the judgment with the Supreme Court, which has now granted leave to appeal.

The international students at MDH come from literally all over the world, both to do one or two semesters as exchange students or to study an entire programme. Meet Chan from Hongkong as we asked him some quick questions.

Mälardalen University (MDH) together with the Alfred Nobel Science Park and MITC AB has been granted over 16 million SEK for the TransMission project. The purpose of the three-year project is to overcome the challenges facing the automotive industry in the technology shift towards electric vehicles.

The human factor lies behind 90 percent of all traffic accidents. But if vehicles can learn to identify risk behaviours in pedestrians, cyclists and drivers, a large number of these accidents can be prevented. This is what researchers in the new project SimuSafe, a major international venture in which Mälardalen University (MDH) is taking part, believe, and which will take three and a half years to develop such a system.

On 8 June Karin Axelsson defended her doctoral thesis in Innovation and Design at MDH in Eskilstuna. Her research deals with entrepreneurship strategy and change work, where she has investigated how the Government’s strategy for entrepreneurship within the education sphere (2009) has been established and developed in practice. Her findings show that there are great differences between the written strategy and what takes place in the classrooms.

The demands for innovative capacity within the public and private sectors are becoming increasingly higher. But a good innovative climate is nothing that comes by itself; changes in the organisation and new methods of working for managers as well as employees are needed in order to succeed. Peter E Johansson has been investigating how organisations can increase their innovative capacity by making sure that employees possess the right skills for the new work assignments resulting from the focus on innovation.

Mälardalen University (MDH) has been granted the EPAS accreditation for the the Bachelor’s programme in International Business Management and the Master's programme in International Marketing. To become accredited is an indication that the programmes maintain high quality and stand up well from an international perspective.

Soumya Ahuja, exchange student from WeSchool in Bangalore, India, has been awarded the title Mälardalen University Global Swede for 2017. As Global Swede Soumya will act as ambassador for Sweden, MDH and higher education, first and foremost in her home country India, and later on where the future and career takes her.

For the sixth consecutive year, students from Mälardalen University (MDH) won first prizes in Euroweek, an international conference, which this year had representatives from 17 countries.

In April the verdict came from the Svea Court of Appeal on the question of the fee-paying student who is claiming a refund of her tuition fees from MDH. The University has now decided to appeal against the verdict to the Swedish Supreme Court.

Today the verdict from the Svea Court of Appeal was announced concerning the fee-paying student who is demanding a refund of the tuition fees from the University.

Ulf Andersson, Professor of Business Administration, is the first person to be honoured with The Mentor Award, a new award instituted by MDH’s Doctoral Student Council.

Our society is going through big changes, not least in the industry. Manufacturing companies develop their production systems to gain competitive advantage. To evaluate and plan a new production system require strategy and consideration. Erik Flores is a doctoral student at Innofacture research school at Mälardalen University. Friday, March 17, he defends his licentiate thesis "Supporting Production System Design Decisions through Discrete Event Simulation".

Fifteen students from MDH participated in the ABB Challenge, and they did so with excellence! After several hours of hard work the five teams presented their innovative technical solutions praised by both the jury and the audience.

The number of international applicants to MDH continues to grow, according to the latest statistics report. While there is an overall increase for all programmes the Master’s programmes stand out this year with a twofold increase of the number of first priority applicants.

Each semester MDH arranges reception days at Campus Västerås, in order to welcome the new international students and give them an easier start of their stay here. This time some 50 students arrived and we talked a bit more with one of them.

Today, on December 28, MDH and Serneke signed an agreement about the new campus in Eskilstuna. The new building will be built on Hamngatan where Sporthallen and Vattenpalatstet stand today. The new campus is expected to be ready for the fall semester 2019.

The Swedish Research Council for Health, Working Life and Welfare, FORTE, has decided to award SEK 9 million to the research programme “Digitalising management – what can we learn from England and Sweden?", where MDH’s researchers will be looking at how digitalisation affects organisations, workplaces and management.

MDH has been granted SEK 25 million by the Swedish Research Council for five different projects within the research domains of Education and Computer Science. Among other things, the money will be used to investigate how mathematics teachers can work with digital resources in their teaching, and also to produce a completely new analysis method for embedded real-time systems.

Check your schedule which room you are writing your exam in!

Today, the 6 October, the Government has taken the decision to appoint Paul Pettersson as Vice-Chancellor of Mälardalen University. here he answers a few quick questions.

Today the Government has taken the decision to appoint Paul Pettersson as Vice-Chancellor of Mälardalen University from 6 October 2016 to 5 October 2022 inclusive.

Jinyue Yan, Professor of Energy Engineering at MDH, has been elected as an active member of the European Academy of Science and Arts. Today there are only six members from Sweden in the Academy, but none of them from the technical or environmental science area.

ABB will also this year award one student a scholarship within the field of robotics. All students at MDH, independent of what you’re studying, can apply for the scholarship.

MDH has now lodged an appeal against the verdict from the Västmanland District Court concerning the international student who has sued the University.

Johannes Löfgren studies the engineering programme in product and process development at Mälardalen University (MDH). As of this fall he will also be part of The Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences (IVA). He has been selected for the post because he can add valuable competence to the counsel.

The University Board has now taken a decision to propose Paul Pettersson as the new Vice-Chancellor of MDH. It is the Government that formally appoints the Vice-Chancellor and the final decision will probably be taken after the summer.

Today the verdict was delivered from the Västmanland District Court on the case of the fee-paying student who demanded a refund from the University of the tuition fees.

A bigger freedom of choice for the consumers - but also other demands on the suppliers. Javier Campillo, doctoral student at MDH, sees both opportunities and challenges in his comprehensive study about future electricity consumption. - I have shown how the electricity market and the consumers have to integrate for the energy supply to become efficient and reliable, he says.

The World Environment Day was established after the UN's Conference on the Human Environment in Stockholm in 1972 and is celebrated each year on 5 June around the world. In order to celebrate this year's World Environment Day the University restaurants at MDH will be serving a climate smart menu on Friday 3 June.

MDH student Branko Granula moved to Västerås from Bosnia and Herzegovina to study the Master’s programme in Software Engineering. Now he has been appointed as a Global Swede by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Enterprise and Innovation and the Swedish Institute. As a Global Swede Branko will act as an ambassador for Sweden, Mälardalen University and higher education in his home country.

Liselott Hagberg, County Governor of Sörmland, is the new Chair of the University Board, a commission that she considers an honour. "It's a fantastic privilege to be selected as Chair of the Board for such an excellent cooperating University as MDH, says Liselott Hagberg.

MDH is in the middle of a process of applying for EPAS accreditation for the International Business Management programme and the Master's programme in International Marketing. To become accredited is an indication that the programmes maintain high quality and stand up well from an international perspective.

Konstantinos Kyprianidis is the new Professor of Energy Engineering at Mälardalen University (MDH), and thereby the 32-year-old can be the country's youngest with this position. “I feel proud and happy but realise that it also implies a big responsibility.”

For the fifth consecutive time, students from Mälardalen University (MDH) won first prizes in the annual international Euroweek conference, which this year had representatives from 17 countries.

The Swedish Higher Education Agency (Universitetskanslersämbetet, UKÄ) considers MDH’s specialist nursing programmes for anaesthetic care, intensive care and district nurses to be of ‘high quality’. – Our specialist nursing programmes are important for both the University and the region, so it is with great pleasure that we receive UKÄ’s announcement, says Paul Pettersson, acting vice-chancellor.

The application numbers have come in for the country’s university programmes and courses offered in the autumn, and more than 27,000 individuals have chosen an MDH programme. The healthcare programmes are in the lead with regard to first-choice applicants, and the new political science programme is very popular among prospective students, too.

MDH has been granted close on SEK 60 million by the European Commission to lead a research project that will develop future solutions for how industrial processes and power stations are to be optimised. The results can increase industrial production at the same time as less energy is used.

The Government has now taken a decision on a Chair and other external members of MDH's University Board for the period 1 May 2016 - 30 April 2017. The new Chair of the Board is Liselott Hagberg, County Governor of Södermanland.

MDH is starting a new industrial research school with support from the Knowledge Foundation and a number of companies that work with reliable sensor systems primarily for health technology. ”Interacting in this way benefits all parties. It strengthens our various activities and gives us the opportunity together to develop technology that streamlines tomorrow's health care”, says Paul Pettersson, Acting Vice-Chancellor of MDH

Imelda Coyne, Professor at Trinity College in Dublin, is the holder of this year's visiting professorship in memory of Alva Myrdal at MDH. During the year she will disseminate her research on children's health and inclusion in their own healthcare with a special focus on participation in questions that influence their lives.

Ulf Andersson, professor of Business Studies at the School of Business, Society and Engineering at Mälardalen University, has been inducted into the Academy of International Business (AIB) Fellows. – Qualifying as a Fellow is a compelling recognition of the contributions to research I’ve done and a sign of academic excellence.

On Saturday 19 March the World Wildlife Fund is arranging Earth Hour for the tenth consecutive year. The aim of Earth Hour is to send a political signal to those in power to take the climate changes seriously, and thereby to draw attention to and create commitment to the issue.

The project Future Automation Region (FAR) at MDH has been granted a total of 20 million kronor for the period 2016-2019 by Vinnova. That makes the project one out of three that will receive Vinnväxt 2016 money.

As a consequence of MDH being environmentally and work-environmentally certified, there will be an external review of the University’s efforts and achievements regarding a sustainable work environment between 10 and 15 March.

Men, work part-time! The researcher’s alternative for the future labour market MDH-researcher Eva Lindell has been studying the picture the mass media conjure up of the labour market of the future. It is a picture characterised by gender stereotyped occupational roles, a constant bustle for increased productivity and a telling silence about what the consequences are of a gender-divided labour market. Her alternative is to reverse the perspective: “Men, work part-time”.

Students from MDH and two other universities have collaborated with the Volvo Group and the waste recycling company, Renova. The result is a robot that automatically collects and empties refuse bins. A drone on the roof of the refuse truck scans the area and helps the robot to find the bins.

Recently Future Energy together with the Swedish Windpower Association organized the workshop "Open Source Small Wind turbines" at Mälardalen University.

More international students, both from within and outside the EU, apply for programmes at MDH, according to the latest application statistics. International Marketing is the programme with the biggest increase since the introduction of tuition fees five years ago, and the number of applicants for the Sustainable Energy Systems programme has nearly doubled compared to last year.

In May last year a new procurement process started to find the company that is to build the new Eskilstuna campus and to ensure that there is a landlord when the building is ready. The procurement has now been completed and the University Board has decided to accept the tender of Serneke Bygg AB.

On account of Paul Pettersson’s appointment as the new Acting Vice-Chancellor, the University Board is also appointing a new Acting Pro-Vice-Chancellor. At an extra Board meeting on 28 January it was decided that Peter Gustafsson is to become the Acting Pro-Vice-Chancellor from 1 February.

Jonatan Lundin is an externally-employed doctoral student at MDH and in his research he has mapped out how service technicians seek information in their work environment. The results can be used to improve the information design of technical user manuals. Above all this can make work in industry faster, safer and more efficient.

Pro-Vice-Chancellor Paul Pettersson has today been appointed as Acting Vice-Chancellor of MDH by the Government. This is because Karin Röding has terminated her appointment to become State Secretary to the Minister for Higher Education and Research.

Today the Government has appointed Karin Röding as the new State Secretary to the Minister for Higher Education and Research Helene Hellmark Knutsson. Karin Röding will already take up her position at the Ministry of Education and Research this Monday 18 January. Karin Röding has been Vice-Chancellor of Mälardalen University (MDH) since 2011.

Friday, November 20, the silent reading room in Västerås is closed between 8.00-12.00 due to electrical work. In the afternoon the work continues on level 3 in the library. This means some disturbance in terms of noise level and that you may have to temporarily change study place while the work is in progress.

On Wednesday 4 November the steering committee for the Eskilstuna campus, reinforced by union representatives, the Chief Safety Officer, the Director of Human Resources and the Director of Campus Affairs, among others, went on a study visit to the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences.

The announcement has now been made from the Swedish Higher Education Authority (UKÄ) that MDH’s Midwifery degree is of a high quality and that the degree-awarding powers are thereby secured. – The Midwifery programme is important for MDH, but above all it’s important for the region and for the county councils, which means that today’s news is really very positive, says Vice-Chancellor Karin Röding.

Vinnova has carried out the first of two test pilots in which funding for universities and university colleges has been allocated according to performance and quality in their cooperation with other sectors of society. MDH was awarded top marks and 2.8 million SEK of a total of 60 million SEK distributed among 27 HEIs (higher education institutions).

In the process of creating a new campus in Eskilstuna, knowledge from other organisations who have rebuilt their premises or moved is being gathered just now.

To ensure that working with your MDH computer is safe, you need to change your password at least once a year, though preferably more often. You’ll receive an e-mail alert well in advance.

Record numbers again! For the spring term, 16,280 individuals have applied for a course or programme at MDH, which is an increase from the spring 2015, when the number of applicants was 15 206. When it comes to the number of applicants for first-cycle study programmes, 9,540 have chosen MDH, which is an increase by 23 percent.

The appeal period, as it is known, for the local plan for the new campus in Eskilstuna has expired and no appeals have been received. The local plan has thus gained legal force.

Recently Jinyue Yan, Professor of Energy Engineering at Mälardalen University, co-authored with other outstanding scientists was informed that their paper had been scheduled for Advance Online Publication (AOP) in Nature Climate Change.

Last Friday His Majesty the King and several delegates from the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences, IVA, visited MDH in Västerås. There they were able to meet researchers and students from several of the University’s fields of technology.

In August, architect and researcher Christina Bodin Danielsson had been invited to give lectures to employees at the Schools, the Library and the Administration, about different types of office environments. After each lecture, workshops in smaller groups were organized, and the questions and viewpoints emerging from them have been compiled and handed over to the steering committee.The workhops were held in Swedish.

With his research, Ali Rastegari wants to help prevent machine malfunctions that cause manufacturing industries costly interruptions in production. On 24 September, he defends his licentiate thesis “Strategic maintenance development focusing on use of condition based maintenance in manufacturing industry” at Mälardalen University (MDH).

In the budget proposal presented by the Swedish Government today, allocations for research at MDH have increased by 13.5 million kronor.

When it comes to reducing the environmental impact of industrial activities, the effective management of production materials is a decisive factor. Sasha Shahbazi, doctoral student at MDH, is researching the possibilities to improve this kind of management in manufacturing processes.

The so-called Magna Charta Universitatum was drafted when the university in Bologna celebrated its 900th anniversary in 1988. It is considered the bill of rights of European universities. This spring, the application by Mälardalen University (MDH) to become a signatory of Magna Charta was accepted, and Vice-Chancellor Karin Röding recently signed the document at a solemn ceremony in Bologna itself.

Imagine a robot that quietly and discreetly rolls into your neighbourhood, picks up your garbage and throws it into the truck. This happens without waking sleeping families and without heavy lifting by sanitation workers. That is the objective of ROAR, a cooperative project aiming to develop tomorrow’s smart transport solutions.

Fredrik Ore is doing research to enable closer collaboration between humans and robots at assembly stations in manufacturing industries. Above all this can lead to increased productivity and reduced physical workload. On 8 September he defended his licentiate thesis ”Human – industrial robot collaboration: simulation, visualisation and optimisation of future assembly workstations” at MDH.

John Hines, one of the world’s most prominent experts in space technology, is coming to MDH in Västerås on 4 September. He is to give a guest lecture on, among other things, NASA’s strategy for digital manufacturing for space.

Professor Jinyue Yan at Mälardalen University is the editor-in-chief of recently published Handbook of Clean Energy Systems: a 4 000 page reference book which is anticipated becoming one of the most influenced reference books in the energy areas.

In the spring, the issue of the international MDH student asking for a refund of her study fees, because she thinks the education was of insufficient quality, became topical once again. In March, the student, via Centrum för rättvisa (Centre for Justice), filed formal charges against MDH with the district court of Västmanland. MDH has now submitted its response.

MDH researcher Irfan Sljivo is a doctoral student in Embedded Systems at Mälardalen University (MDH) and has developed methods which facilitate the reusing of software in safety-critical systems. This leads to reduced costs and a more structured working method for manufacturers.

Industrial doctoral student Mats Ahlskog, Mälardalen University (MDH), wants to make it easier to introduce new manufacturing technologies into production. In his Licentiate thesis, "Supporting pre-development of new manufacturing Technologies", he presents methods which can increase the competitiveness of manufacturers.

The procurement of the landlord for the new campus in Eskilstuna has started. While waiting for tender responses, the project takes a summer vacation and starts again with full force in mid-August.

Narges Asadi, doctoral student at MDH, wants to make production more flexible. In her licentiate thesis, "Supporting flexibility in an assembly system through product design", she presents methods that can make the manufacturing of different products within the same assembly system both faster and more cost-effective.

Water damage occurred on the evening of 28 May in U block in Västerås. The new management team for special events had then only been around for four weeks. Now the group has evaluated its work and that of others involved in connection with the water damage. The overall impression is that the operation worked well and that the damage was minimised, thanks to the rapid intervention.

Mälardalen University (MDH) and industry in Västmanland are now making vigorous efforts to strengthen their competitive power, thus keeping the manufacturing industry within the region as well as within Sweden. A few days ago the University was granted an eight-year long research project, half of which is funded by the Swedish Knowledge Foundation (KKS), and half by a group of companies, including ABB, Bombardier and Volvo.

For the fourth year in succession students from Mälardalen University (MDH) won a first prize during Euroweek, an international project competition in which representatives from 19 countries participate.

Karin Röding, Vice-Chancellor of MDH, is a new member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences (Kungliga Ingenjörsvetenskapsakademien, IVA). IVA’s aim is to promote the technical and economic sciences and the development of Swedish industry and commerce. Below, Karin will answer some questions about the appointment.

Christer Osterman’s research is about investigating factors and attitudes that have an impact on efforts to make processes in Swedish industry more efficient. On 9 June, he defends his Licentiate thesis “Towards a Lean Integration of Lean” at Mälardalen University (MDH).

In his unique research, Siavash Javadi investigates possibilities to render product development projects more efficient in industries with small manufacturing volumes. On 29 May, he defend8ed his licentiate thesis Towards tailoring the production introduction process at Mälardalen University (MDH).

Doctoral student Mohsin Raza at Mälardalen University (MDH) carries out research to develop more efficient casting methods, which makes thinner and lighter metal components possible. This can be the answer to increasing demand from the industry and contribute to reduced carbon dioxide emissions.

More positive news has now reached us from UKÄ (the Swedish Higher Education Authority). After carrying out several measures for improvement, MDH’s Bachelor of Science degrees in Aeronautical Engineering and Energy Engineering respectively have received the assessment of high quality, and thereby the degree-awarding powers are saved.

When the Swedish Higher Education Authority (UKÄ) previously evaluated MDH’s Bachelor’s degree in Innovation Management the assessment of deficient quality was given. Since then MDH has carried out several measures for improvement. Now UKÄ has carried out a follow-up and gives the degree programme the assessment of high quality.

Magna Charta Universitatum is regarded as the European universities’ Declaration of Rights. MDH has applied to become a signatory, as it is called, and has now been accepted. – It’s pleasing that MDH has been appointed as a signatory of such an important academic document and the foundation of democracy that the Magna Charta is, says Karin Röding, Vice-Chancellor.

The form and content of the different floors of the new campus in Eskilstuna are close to being settled now. – The floors will offer many good and natural meeting places, says project manager Anna Gulyas.

MDH student Peachadatorn ”Vicky” Prampipat has been appointed as a Global Swede by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Enterprise and Innovation and the Swedish Institute. As a Global Swede Vicky will be a representative for Sweden in her home country Thailand and act as an ambassador for Sweden and higher education.

ABB is offering a scholarship to students at Mälardalen University (MDH). Every year, during a five-year period, a degree project or an idea related to robotics, and with a focus on technology and innovation, will be rewarded with ABB’s Robotics Scholarship worth 25 000 kronor per year. The scholarship is not linked to a specific programme and can be applied for by all MDH students, regardless of their specializations.

On 23 and 24 April MDH held their Academic Ceremony. During the Thursday well-attended lectures were held by the guests of honour at the University in Västerås. On Friday the conferment and inauguration ceremony was held in Västerås Concert Hall.

On 2 April a terrorist attack was carried out at Garissa University College in Kenya when 147 people were killed and 79 injured. To honour the victims and as a protest against the attack MDH, and many other universities around the globe, will have a joint minute of silence on Monday 27 April at 12.00.

On 2 April a terrorist attack was carried out at Garissa University College in Kenya when 147 people were killed and 79 injured. To honour the victims and as a protest against the attack the European University Association, EUA, has proposed that Europe’s higher education institutions, HEIs, have a joint minute of silence on Monday 27 April at 12.00.

On Tuesday, 21 April, Sweden’s prime minister Stefan Löfven paid a visit to Mälardalen University (MDH) in order to learn more about how the University is cooperating with society at large and about current education and research carried out within the field of robotics. – It smells of future here, Stefan Löfven noted during the visit.

An old issue has come to the fore again: that of the international student demanding her study fees back because she thinks her study programme was of insufficient quality. The student has now filed formal charges against MDH with the district court of Västmanland. As a public authority, MDH has no legal support for refunding fees, and the case has come to be considered as one of general interest to the sector: what rules apply when a fee-paying student is dissatisfied with the quality of the studies? – MDH obviously wishes for clarity in this issue, just as much as the student and Centrum för rättvisa, says Karin Röding, Vice-Chancellor at MDH.

While the total number of applications for the autumn’s courses and study programmes at the nation’s higher education institutions has decreased*, Mälardalen University (MDH) is moving ahead. Compared to 2014, the number of applicants has increased by 4 percent.

At the end of March, the annual external review of the University’s work for a sustainable work environment took place. To be precise, the review concerned efforts regarding work environment, environment and equal opportunities. The review went well, and many positive suggestions for improvements emerged, while there were only four deviations.

The student recruitment drive before the last day of application, on 15 April, is in full swing. Right now, MDH is visible in various forms in public transport in Eskilstuna, Västerås and Stockholm.

On Saturday 28 March it’s Earth Hour. MDH is of course taking part in the world’s greatest climate manifestation and will be turning out its lights between 20.30 and 21.30.

When the Swedish Higher Education Authority (UKÄ) previously evaluated MDH’s Bachelor's degree in Network Engineering and the Bachelor's degree in Building Engineering the assessment of deficient quality was given. Since then MDH has carried out several measures for improvement. Now UKÄ has carried out a follow-up and gives degree programmes the assessment of high quality.

To ensure that the employees’ needs in connection with the new campus in Eskilstuna are met, there is a reference panel consisting of MDH employees. At their latest meeting, the layout proposed by the architects from 3XN was discussed. – Their views are important, since they represent the employees, says project manager Anna Gulyas.

Each year MDH nominates an international student as Global Swede. The Global Swede will function as a link between Sweden and his or her home country and becomes a valuable representative for both MDH and Sweden. An official diploma ceremony hosted by representatives from the Swedish Government is held in Stockholm in May.

The Swedish Higher Education Authority (UKÄ) has now announced that MDH's study programme leading to a Bachelor's degree in Mathematics maintains high quality and thus our degree-awarding powers are assured. - All those involved have really done a fine job to guarantee that our students get an education of high quality, says Vice-Chancellor Karin Röding.

The statistics for the number of international applicants to MDH in the January admission round is now available. The numbers are showing a 57 percent increase to our first-cycle educations, and the number of applicants who chose MDH as their first priority has gone up with 47 percent.

The government has assigned MDH the task to increase the volume of its teacher education programmes by approximately 60 full-time equivalents (‘helårsstudenter’) in 2015.

In 2018, the new Campus Eskilstuna will open: a modern, 18,000-square-metre university building for 4,000 students and 300 employees to study and work in. Mälardalen University (MDH) and Eskilstuna Municipality have now signed a final agreement regarding the new campus.

”Participatory Research”, an open course for doctoral students and practitioners at MDH, offers an introduction to research based on cooperation between researchers and practitioners, for the benefit of both. The course will start on 16 February.

According to a forecast every other job will be automated within 20 years. This means that a lot of jobs in the region will disappear or be transformed. Researcher Eva Lindell at Mälardalen University has been given the task of investigating how the labour market in Södermanland and Västmanland will be affected by this development. The information will be used as a basis for forming strategies for how the counties are to meet the challenges.

Maria Lindén is a professor of healthcare engineering at Mälardalen University (MDH), specializing in medical sensor systems. She is motivated by a desire to solve concrete, practical problems and to make life easier for users.

Prisma is a new system developed by Vetenskapsrådet (VR), and should be used for all funding applications to VR and Forte.

At their meeting on 1 December the University Board discussed several important questions concerning MDH. The new Eskilstuna campus, A Strong MDH, the new Research and Education Strategy and the Magna Charta are a few examples.

The purpose of IDT doctoral student Mohammad Ashjaei’s research is to improve the communication between several embedded systems, and also to ensure that the messages between them are sent at the right time. This creates more secure and resource-effective systems. On 18 November he defended his Licentiate thesis at MDH in Västerås.

Ensuring that a computer’s embedded systems select correct information while maintaining their critical function is a big challenge. Now Leo Hatvani, doctoral student at Mälardalen University (MDH), is presenting a new model to improve safety. In his licentiate thesis he proposes a method by which the computer can select what tasks are to be performed and when, in a way that ensures that everything is done within the given time frame.

To clean out the bicycles that are parked at the campus Vasteras, the university's caretaker will mark up all the bikes with a piece of tape. The bikes that do not have an owner will be sent for recycling within three months. If you do you get a tape on your bike, remove it to let the caretaker know that the bike has an owner.

Eduard Enoiu is carrying out doctoral studies on safety-critical systems at Mälardalen University (MDH) and has developed a tool that renders the testing of such systems more effective. On Friday, 7 November, he defended his licentiate thesis, where he presented the method behind the tool.

The Faculty Board has appointed Gunnar Svedberg and Bob Perry as new honorary doctors at MDH. They will be promoted at the Academic Ceremony on 24 April 2015 and will give open lectures on 23 April on Honorary Doctors’ Day.

Imagine you’re pretending to run through a forest, to duck under branches and to jump over fallen logs. But you’re doing it in an entirely empty room, on an even floor and without anything to avoid. Presumably your acting wouldn’t be particularly convincing. But what if you can see the virtual forest you’re pretending to move through? Or hear the branches crack? Daniel Kade is a doctoral student in computer science at Mälardalen University (MDH) and has developed a technology that helps motion capture actors with precisely those things. On Friday, 31 October, he defends his licentiate thesis.

The application statistics for the spring term 2015 have come, and the positive trend in terms of increasing numbers of applicants continues. At MDH, the numbers have risen by almost four percent.

Universitetskanslersämbetet (UKÄ, the Swedish Higher Education Authority) has evaluated all university programmes in education, didactics, educational sciences and related fields of study. MDH is the only university in Sweden that received the ‘very high quality’ verdict for its bachelor in education.

At Mälardalen University (MDH), there are almost 550 students with different types of disabilities. Angela Andersson’s job title is Coordinator for Students with Disabilities, and her task is to make it possible for everybody to study at MDH.

On September 14 to 19 Västerås i the host city for the International Conference ASE2014, organized by Mälardalen University (MDH). More than 250 participants from academia and industry gather to take part of the most recent research in software engineering.

You can win a book gift voucher. Competition ends on Friday September 12 at 12 o'clock.

An open and inspiring venue that harmonizes with the bathhouse. This is how Mälardalen University's new campus in Eskilstuna is described by the winner of the architectural competition.

Research coordinators from Mälardalen University (MDH) have been invited to a large international conference for research managers and administrators to report on how the University’s specialized research area Embedded Systems is cooperating with companies in Sweden and Europe.

On Monday, Mälardalen University (MDH) will host the international conference COMPSAC 2014 in Västerås. 300 delegates from all over the globe are expected to attend this world-leading conference on computers, software and technology.

Breast cancer is the most common type of cancer among women. Over the past few decades, the chances of being cured have increased, in large part due to the fact that more cancers are discovered at an early stage and thanks to improved forms of treatment. Being able to arrive at a correct diagnosis is crucially important, and in this area of research Nikola Petrovic defends his doctoral thesis on microwave technology in a public defence on 28 May at MDH.

For the fourth successive year, Trade Minister Ewa Björling confers the award Global Swede. At the diploma ceremony this year, Tina Ranic from Mälardalen University (MDH) is acclaimed together with 20 other visiting students at Swedish universities who have excelled in the areas of innovation and entrepreneurship.

Internet forums, blog comments and personal references are becoming more and more important as marketing tools. This is why students from the popular International Marketing programme at MDH have developed innovative campaigns which are based on personal connections and social impact.

As part of the creation of the new Eskilstuna campus, six architectural firm compete with their designs for the new campus area. The objective is for the new Mälardalen University (MDH) building to contribute in a positive way to the city centre and constitute a space for development and cooperation.

Today we are constantly online and integrated in a virtual existence. Wii and other game modules make it possible to engage the entire body when playing, and soon Google Glasses and similar products will open up a whole new world. Shortly there will also be a virtual keyboard on the market, created by researchers at MDH. This is advanced equipment for the modern user which will change the potential for working and using new technology.

On Tuesday 15 April, Vice-Chancellor Karin Röding and Bombardier's CEO Klas Wåhlberg signed a strategic cooperation agreement. Through deepened cooperation regarding research and education Bombardier and MDH will jointly strengthen Sweden's competitiveness.

IT-Division is replacing the old student computers in University Library during April.

In order to be able to work with global product development in a successful and sustainable way for the long term, businesses have to adapt to the complexity of offshoring. The role of middle management is central for success, and commitment from employees at all levels is required. This is shown by Petra Edoff from Mälardalen University (MDH) in a doctoral thesis which will be presented on 4 April.

Knowledge from modern dance and choreography can strengthen the innovation capacity of organisations. Through inspiration from modern dance, where something new is created in each performance, the innovation process in groups can be understood and developed. This is shown by Nina Bozic from Mälardalen University, MDH, in a licentiate thesis which also presents a practical method for stimulating the creative process.

Now you can choose to download books from EBSCO eBook Academic Collection up to 365 days.

After a long successful tradition of cooperation with Mälardalen University, Munktell Science Park takes one step further and employs MDH researcher Anders Wikström as a Research Manager in the field of innovation. At his new job, he will contribute to increasing the level of cooperation between the University and the regional world of business and support companies that are aiming for a leading position through developing their innovation work.

In order to create an attractive study environment, MDH is in the process of reconditioning some of the buildings in Eskilstuna and Västerås.

On Thursday, February 13, it's time for the annual job fair Högvarv. It's a fair for students and employers to meet, at MDH in Västerås. On account of this, a part of the parking space in Västerås will be reserved for the partners of Högvarv.

Internal logistics, that is the handling of flows of material, constitutes an important part of the running of many types of businesses. Improved internal logistics can mean an increased competitive edge. In her doctoral thesis, Anna Granlund, MDH, presents a new unique framework for automation, which both improves logistics and enhances competitive power:

Today, MDH has launched a new interactive guide where students, alumni and employers can share their best tips - for life as a student in Eskilstuna and Västerås - but also for a successful career.

Eight MDH students have won third prize in the innovation contest Mälardalen Open. With their project Playground Energy, they would like to help children understand energy production through their own playing and moving around in playgrounds.

Mikael Åsberg’s doctoral thesis in Computer Science shows how the software in time-critical computer systems, used for instance in cars, can be made faster, safer and more effective. In the long term, this would lead to a less costly manufacturing of cars thanks to a more effective integration of software components in the final stage of the development process.

Each year Mälardalen University nominates an international student as Global Swede. The Global Swede will function as a link between Sweden and his or her home country, and will hopefully become an important connection for Swedish trade and industry in the future. The nominated student will be invited to a ceremony in Stockholm to receive the Global Swede diploma in May 2014 together with Global Swedes from other universities.

Then you are eligible to borrow digital talking books.

A new MDH research project in cooperation with the companies Bruhnspace AB and AMD will use game console technology to develop a supercomputer for future big data analysis in satellites. The purpose is to strengthen the competitive edge of the Swedish space industry in the world.

The university has been informed by the landowner Hemsö that Q-Park is now in charge of part of the parking area by the Västerås campus starting from 1 January 2014. This means that there are two different providers with different ticket systems, Q-Park and the City of Västerås. The parking permits of staff and students will remain valid. Please note that monthly tickets whoch were bought before the change of tickets system, are valid until 20 January, including within Q-parks area.

The embedded systems that are used in for instance airplanes and cars are becoming more complex, advanced, and more difficult to implement. A cost- and time-effective way to simplify the development process is to use model-driven technology instead of manually coding each part separately.

One part of the creation of the new Eskilstuna campus is a contest that will determine what architectural firm will design and plan the new campus area. The objective is for the new Mälardalen University (MDH) building to contribute in a positive way to the city centre and constitute a space for development and cooperation. MDH has now, in cooperation with the municipality of Eskilstuna, chosen the architectural firms that will progress to the next stage of the contest.

Earlier this week, the Swedish Higher Education Authority (UKÄ) published a new report on people with academic degrees getting established on the labour market. Out of more than 37 000 persons who graduated during the academic year 2009/2010, 78.3 percent were established on the labour market in 2011. Mälardalen University (MDH) students are doing well in terms of competing for jobs. According to the report, 79 percent of MDH students had found employment one year after completing their degree.

18 MDH students are working with the development of the robot Naiad in order to create a platform for continued research in the field of submarine robotics. The long-term aim is to search the Baltic for dangerous objects.

The number of students admitted to MDH for the spring semester 2014 has decreased compared to last year. One reason is that MDH has cut down on the number of courses and programmes. The number of students on the reserve list has increased, however.

It is crucial that real time systems, time critical computer systems which are used for instance in cars, work the way they are supposed to work and are activated at the set time in case of accident. Activation which occurs too early or too late, for instance when it comes to airbags, does not provide the desired protection and may cause additional injury. In order to develop these systems in a cost-effective and speedy fashion, model-based methods are needed. In his doctoral dissertation, Jagadish Suryadevara presents research on model-based development of the construction and analysis of real time systems in the early stages of the development process.

The Master’s programme in Business Administration at Mälardalen University (MDH) has received the judgment high quality and thereby secured its degree-awarding powers. This is the result of a new assessment made by the Swedish Higher Education Authority.

Zarina Osmonalieva, industrial doctoral student in Industrial Economics and Organisation at MDH, has won an award for the best conference paper at the International Entrepreneurship Forum in Vilnius.

On 29 October, the Swedish Higher Education Authority (UKÄ) presented the quality evaluation of the study programmes in Engineering and Technology at Mälardalen University (MDH). Several programmes are questioned in terms of quality. MDH will now begin working with a survey of insufficiencies, and will get back to UKÄ with a list of remedial measures within a year.

The application statistics for the spring term of 2014 have now been completed. The rate of applications is still high and more applicants pick Mälardalen University (MDH) as their first choice.

Karin Taube är professor emerita vid institutionen för språkstudier vid Umeå Universitet. Hennes specialintresse är barns och ungdomars läsning och läsförmåga och hon är en av Sveriges främsta profiler på området. Hon är också författare av populärvetenskapliga böcker för lärare, tidigare nationell projektledare för PISA, medlem i EU:s High Level Group of Literacy experts och, fram till 1 juli 2014, gästprofessor vid akademin för utbildning, kultur och kommunikation (UKK), ett uppdrag hon verkligen trivs med.

High demands are placed on industrial communication systems in the areas of reliability and delay. Wireless systems are more flexible but also less reliable. How can wireless communication be used in the industry to develop flexible systems which are at the same time reliable?

Antonio Cappiello, a former student at the Master’s Programme in Software Engineering at MDH and GSEEM (Global Software Engineering Master’s Programme in cooperation with VU Amsterdam and L’Aquila University), has received a grant for the best engineering degree project at MDH. The Swedish Association of Graduate Engineers in Västmanland bestows the award and a SEK 5000 grant.

MDH's Bachelor's degree programme in Economics maintains a high quality and the degree-awarding powers are thereby secured, according to a new assessment by the Swedish Higher Education Authority, UKÄ.

Alumnus of the Year at Mälardalen University 2013 is Ling Zhang. This was announced by Pro-Vice-Chancellor Paul Pettersson at a ceremony at MDH in Västerås.

Gordana Dodig-Crnkovic has been promoted to professor of Computer Science at the School of Innovation, Design and Engineering. Her research concerns computation models for information processes. She teaches related subjects at the third-cycle and first-cycle levels at Mälardalen University.

MDH’s vision is to become an excellent co-producing university by 2016. One of the points in the work with kraftsamling deals with how the University can clarify and better coordinate the way in which we work with cooperation and co-production – both internally and externally. As part of this the Vice-Chancellor decided earlier this autumn to engage a consultant, who will have the task of investigating the External Relations Office, EER, and its activities. Now the Vice-Chancellor has made a decision on directives for the investigation, showing more exactly how the analysis is to be carried out.

Joakim Netz, an MDH researcher in Industrial Economy and Organisation, has been chosen as one out of five finalists in one of the world’s highest ranking conferences which is arranged by the organisation Strategic Management Society. This year, the conference is held in Atlanta. A total of 1670 contributions have been submitted to the conference.

The creation of the new Eskilstuna Campus continues and now enters a new phase. An architecture contest is launched today in order to find the best proposal for the design of a new university building. The purpose is for the new Mälardalen University building to contribute in a positive way to the city centre and constitute a space for development and collaboration.

On 11 September, the Swedish Higher Education Authority presented the quality evaluation of the MDH Mathematics/Applied Mathematics study programmes at the Bachelor’s and Master’s levels. The Bachelor’s programme received the judgment insufficient quality and the Master’s programme received the judgment high quality. MDH has already started working to assess the insufficiencies, and will submit a list of remedial measures to the Swedish Higher Education Authority within a year.

MDH aims to be an excellent university in terms of co-production by 2016. One of the objectives within the kraftsamling project concerns ways in which the university can highlight and coordinate collaboration and co-production efforts in a better way – both internally and externally. As a part of this objective, the Vice-Chancellor has decided to engage a consultant who will examine the operations of the External Relations Office (EER).

The new students have now arrived at MDH and last Thursday and Friday there were introductions for programme students.

Now it´s time to nominate candidates to the “Mälardalen University Alumnus/alumna of the year award”. You can nominate one or more candidates until Friday, September 6 at 17:00.

MDH is participating in the international research project GiraffPlus. The goal is a safer and healthier old age, and within the project, advanced technical aids are being developed for elderly people in close cooperation with the users.

Mälardalen University is now hosting a meeting for international researchers within the POET Programme. One of the five team leaders is Sally Peters, who is internationally recognised for her research regarding children’s development and educational transitions.

Swedish Engineers (Sveriges Ingenjörer) district Västmanland will, from autumn 2013, provide a scholarship to a student at Mälardalen University for the best thesis in the subject engineering.

A faulty function in a dependable embedded system, for example as in electronic steering systems for aircraft or a car’s cruise control, can be costly and lead to danger for people and the surroundings. On account of this it is important to guarantee that the embedded system meets all the quality requirements, which can be done by analysis of the system’s architecture.

In his doctoral thesis ”Quality of Test Design in Test Driven Development”, Adnan Causevic at the School of Innovation, Design and Engineering at Mälardalen University (MDH), investigates the quality of test cases produced in test-driven development.

All around us there are computers that we do not think about. These so called embedded systems can sit in everything from microwave ovens to alarm clocks. For example, a car can have up to a hundred of such embedded systems that perform as much as 800 different tasks. Of course it is costly to include that many computers, so if the same processor could perform more tasks, that could save a lot of money. This has been the focus of Nima Moghaddami Khalilzad's research, and on June 13th he will defend his licentiate thesis.

The future Internet, Internet of Things (IoT), is so much more than the Internet we know today. It will interconnect traditional computers and a large number of smart objects or networks. The IoT, which is an IPv6 network, will be the foundation of many services and our daily life will depend on its availability and reliable operations. Shahid Raza has in his doctoral thesis at Mälardalen University focused on solutions for dependability. He is the first person to make it possible to secure the communication for resource-constrained sensor nodes within the Internet of the future.

Josefina Jie Löwgren is studying International Marketing at MDH and has been awarded a prize for the best essay in Economics by the Mälardalen Circle of the Swedish MBA Association. She has been studying how SSAB can succeed better with their expansion on the Chinese market.

In June eight doctoral and licentiate theses will be presented at MDH.

The planning for a new campus in Eskilstuna is in full swing together with the Municipality of Eskilstuna. During the spring an anthropologist have been hired and during the autumn the University will organise an arhitectural competition.

On Thursday the Swedish Championships in Business and Economics begin in Halmstad and two teams from Mälardalen University will be participating.

Two students from Mälardalen University have won first prize for a study on marketing in social media, in an international contest held in Riga. The study shows that consumers are not interested in communicating with companies on Facebook.

On Saturday, 11 May, it is Fair Trade Day and fair trade will be discussed globally. However, Mälardalen University research shows that fair trade is not entirely unproblematic, since it is based on Western ideas for application in developing countries. In addition, it is a form of business which tries to combine profit targets and non-profit work.

Hillevi Gavel, Eric Hansen and Niklas Friedler are the recipients of the Teaching Prize which is to be distributed this year for the first time at the Academic Ceremony. The prize is awarded to people who have shown outstanding teaching skills in first- and second-cycle education.

The national project Care on Equal Terms, which is conducted by the Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions (SALAR), with the support of researchers from MDH, has attracted the attention of the Social Democrat Party Leader Stefan Löfven and the Party Secretary Carin Jämtin. On Monday 18 March they visited the Vårdcentralen City health clinic, Eskilstuna, which is one of the project’s nine care operations, to hear about their work for improvement and also to inform themselves about the research support with which MDH is contributing.

Increasing emissions of carbon dioxide are driving the greenhouse effect and climate changes. But the technology exists for capturing and storing carbon dioxide in the ground instead of releasing it into the atmosphere. In a new project, researchers from Mälardalen University will develop and refine this technology.

Researchers at Mälardalen University (MDH) have developed the robot cat Robocat to enhance the wellbeing and raise the quality of life among people with dementia in the later stage of their illness. The interactive and artificial cat is unique through an interweaving of the fields of the caring sciences and technology.

Mälardalen University has received 1.2 million SEK in research funding from Ragnar Söderberg’s Foundation. The grant will go towards investigating why certain investment projects differ greatly between budget and outcome and what consequences it can entail.

From January 1st, Psychology and Sociology have a new host school at Mälardalen University.

Two new research profiles in energy and health technology at Mälardalen University (MDH) in cooperation with 15 companies are to develop health technology and renewable energy systems – two profiles which meet the demands in welfare both nationally and internationally. Altogether the Knowledge Foundation, MDH and the companies are investing 143 million SEK.

Han Song is about to defend his doctoral thesis in energy and environmental engineering at Mälardalen University. His research is about finding good strategies to produce more energy in a cleaner and greener way.

Opera, Design and Computer Science are subjects which characterise the new honorary doctors at Mälardalen University (MDH). At an Academic Ceremony in April 2013, honorary doctoral degrees will be conferred on Birgitta Svendén, General Manager and Opera Director of the Royal Swedish Opera, Luciënne Blessing, Professor at the Université de Luxembourg and Kurt-Lennart Lundbäck, CEO of Arcticus Systems.

The Swedish Research Council has granted Mälardalen University (MDH) circa 15 million SEK for four research projects: two in Embedded Systems, one in Educational Science and one in Comparative Literature.

Mälardalen University (MDH) is participating in the European research project MBAT, Combined Model-based Analysis and Testing. The project will reinforce the transport sector by producing new and more efficient technologies for embedded systems.

Swedish manufacturing companies are asking for production systems which can quickly handle changes in volumes as well as product types and production towns. To meet this need Carin Rösiö, doctoral student at Mälardalen University (MDH), has produced a model in her doctoral thesis for how companies can develop reconfigurable production systems.

There are divided opinions about what the connection between the world around us and an organisation looks like. Some people are of the opinion that the world around us is nothing the organisation should bother about, whereas others assert that the world around us is an important influential factor for every organisation.

The European research project, EC DeEP, Design in European Policies, has started with Mälardalen University (MDH) and Munktell Science Park as the only Swedish partners.

Now you have as a student at the School of Innovation, Design and Technology (IDT) the opportunity to apply a very beneficial scholarship to study a semester in Brazil or in China.

The University’s programme catalogue has been nominated for the Swedish Design Prize competition – for the second year running! The programme catalogue has been nominated in the “Information Print” category.

Researchers at Mälardalen University (MDH) have developed new methods which will allow companies to reduce emissions and cut energy usage. This will make Swedish companies more competitive. A new research center aimed at strengthening the Swedish manufacturing industry has also been established at MDH.

Mikael Broman has been the new Chair of the Student Union since 1 July 2012. During the year he hopes to be able to contribute towards a more accessible University with a more active student life and a student union that the students feel they get support from.

The School of Innovation, Design and Engineering (IDT) at Mälardalen University is further strengthening its research skills by employing four new professors.

Eight companies and 14 doctoral students form part of a new, seven-year research school in embedded systems at Mälardalen University.

In June 2012 Mälardalen University’s research school PROGRESS came to a close when the last five doctoral students in the research school presented their theses.

A group of students from Mälardalen university compete with an underwater robot that they have built, in the 15th International RoboSub Competition, July 17-22, in San Diego.

Are you a teacher or a researcher at MDH and have an interesting research project in the artistic development? Then you have the chance to get funds for this purpose by the Faculty Board.

Earlier this week MDH hosted an international visit by over 30 students and 10 teachers from three universities in Finland and Germany. They were here for an intensive course, “Shift It”, which deals with health-promotion in working life.

MDH received the highest grade for the Bachelor’s programme in Sociology from HSV’s (the National Agency for Higher Education’s) quality evaluation that was presented on 30 May. The University’s programme at Master’s level also got a good assessment regarding quality. - The assessments from the Agency are pleasing and a tangible acknowledgement of the fact that we, thanks to the skill of our teachers, students and our good relations with the region, offer education of high quality, says Vice-Chancellor Karin Röding.

On 9 May the Career Plaza arranged an end-of-year evening for the employers and students who have participated in this year’s mentor programme. During the evening the titles of Mentor and Protégé of the Year were awarded to those who have had the most successful cooperation.

Today the Swedish National Agency for Higher Education (Agency) presented its quality evaluation for the country’s study programmes in Business Administration. MDH’s programme for Business Administration at first-cycle level was awarded the grade of high quality. However, the Agency sees certain deficiencies in the second-cycle programme. MDH is now to begin work to look over these deficiencies with a view to submitting to the Agency within a year a list of measures to be taken.

Batu Akan, a doctoral student in computer science at Mälardalen University, has been appointed Global Swede by the Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs.

Four students from Mälardalen University have won the first prize in an international project competition at Euroweek in Holland. Altogether 118 students from 19 countries took part and the students from MDH came first in two out of three heats in the competition.

The character of regional development policy has largely changed in recent times, with a shift from central management to increasingly greater regional autonomy. Economic growth is often emphasised but other values are also highlighted as being of importance. The belief that one can steer societal development through state intervention is strong, but at the same time the logic behind how it is thought that these efforts are going to work is, in principle, never made clear.

Since 1999 the Swedish National Union of Students, SFS, has been awarding the title of Student City of the Year. This year the award goes jointly to the cities of Västerås and Eskilstuna.

The results from the higher education evaluation undertaken by the Swedish National Agency for Higher Education (HSV) in accordance with the new system for quality control were presented today. In relation to the new criteria, the MDH programmes in Human Work Science and Psychology have received the high quality mark. However, HSV points out certain inadequacies in the study programmes for Economics and Management. MDH has been given a chance to take action to remedy these problems within the next twelve months.

Students from Mälardalen University have been nominated for a place in the final in the design competition Wonderful Garden, a competition about designing a garden product in plastic. The competition is arranged by The Swedish Plastics Industry Association, SPIF.

Regional Council Sörmland has now given its approval to co-finance Mälardalen University (MDH) with SEK 2.5 million. The money will be used for ensuring that MDH retains its degree-awarding powers for courses and study programmes in Health, Care and Social Welfare – gratifying news for a region in need of nurses.

Jonas Stier has been promoted to professor of sociology, specializing in the social psychology of crossing boundaries and creating identity.

A new research school called Innofacture at Mälardalen University (MDH) is to cooperate with eight of the country’s biggest manufacturing companies. The aim is to give a boost to Swedish competitiveness on the global market. The entire project is unique in that it focuses on both innovation and production in order to develop production processes at the companies.

Following a commission by the Government, Högskoleverket [‘the Swedish National Agency for Higher Education’] carries out nationwide evaluations of university programmes leading to at least a bachelor’s or a professional degree. Two professors from Mälardalen University have been appointed as experts in this context, namely Sture Packalén (German) and Eva Sundgren (Swedish/Nordic Languages).

At the second competition of Melodifestivalen in Göteborg, on 11 February, the intermission featured electronic music created on a new musical and video instrument developed by Håkan Lidbo, the Quantum White company and Rikard Lindell from Mälardalen University (MDH). The instrument made its first appearance on TV that day.

Christian Runius, a former student at Mälardalen University, recently won first prize for the best promotional product in the form of the credit card holder Thumb.

On 17 January, Andreas Ryve was appointed professor of mathematics education at Mälardalen University. That makes him the youngest professor in the world in this subject area. Since research in mathematics education typically becomes better if one has worked as a school teacher for a number of years, professors are often somewhat older.

In January, 16 teacher students graduated at Campus Telge. The demand for their competence was very great and the preschools in Södertälje were quick in offering employment.

Best paper award

30 Dec 2011

A few weeks ago, Björn Lisper, a professor in computer science at IDT and Marcelo Santos, a PhD student at IDT received the Best Paper Award at the Conference Workshop on compositional Theory and Technology for Real-Time Embedded Systems, Vienna, for their article "Sequential composition of execution time distribution by convolution." Co-author of the article is Veronica Lima and George Lima.

Yesterday Mälardalen University received the positive news that four new research projects have been granted close to 15 million kronor in funding from the Knowledge Foundation, the foundation for knowledge and competence development. The Knowledge Foundation awarded almost 60 million kronor for research with industry, and Mälardalen University received the largest share.

60 students are currently enrolled in Scandinavian Studies at Mälardalen University. They have come to Sweden in order to study the Swedish language and Swedish culture. Our Lucia Day celebrations are a good example: every year, the students rehearse Swedish Lucia songs and perform a highly appreciated Lucia procession for the staff at the School of Education, Culture and Communication. This year was no exception, and 17 Scandinavian Studies students from all over the world participated in the procession.

The programme catalogue which provides inspiration for studies in the fall of 2012 and the spring of 2013 has just arrived from the printing office – and it has already attracted great interest.

Eskilstuna Municipality and Mälardalen University both support a new location for the University’s activities. Today, an agreement of principle was signed about constructing a new campus in the city centre of Eskilstuna. - By gathering all our activities in one building, there will be more synergy between the different parts of the University, says Vice-Chancellor Karin Röding.

Igår presenterade Högskoleverket (HSV) en rapport om att fusket på landets lärosäten har ökat kraftigt det sista året. Rapporten visar att MDH, tillsammans med Södertörns högskola, är det lärosäte som har flest fuskärenden i relation till antalet studenter. Enligt Högskoleverket är orsaken till ökningen det förbättrade arbetet som MDH gör mot fusk, inte att fler studenter faktiskt fuskar.

Following the excellent achievements of students at the School of Innovation, Design and Engineering (IDT) in Design Open, SCORE and Robot-SM competitions in the previous academic year, the great student achievements continue.

Vad händer om en tunnelbanevagn eller ett pendeltåg börjar brinna medan det befinner sig i en tunnel? För att ta reda på det har Mia Kumm, doktorand vid Mälardalens högskola, utfört världsunika fullskaletest i samarbete med bland annat SL.

On 28 June the National Agency for Higher Education (HSV) decided to grant degree-awarding powers to Mälardalen University, for both the Special Education programme and the Special Needs Education programme. - The decision was very pleasing, though not unexpected, says Karin Röding, Vice-Chancellor of Mälardalen University. The University has both the experience and the prerequisites for these programmes and as soon as this autumn will be receiving the first 64 programme students.

The National Agency for Higher Education (HSV) has decided to grant Mälardalen University permission to award Licentiate and Doctoral degrees along with Master’s degrees within the area of Health and Social Welfare. The announcement came on 22 June and this means that Mälardalen University will now have degree-awarding powers for research programmes within the area of Health and Welfare, which is an important milestone in the University’s development.

During last week the Regional Fund granted support of two million kronor to Mälardalen University through the minSTInnovation in Mälardalen project. - Thanks to this new research money we will be able to develop our work and help small and medium-sized companies to convert our knowledge into their activities, says Anders Martinsen, Process Manager of minSTInnovation.

The Swedish National Agency for Higher Education decided today to grant Mälardalen University degree-awarding powers for preschool teacher education, which means that we can offer the programme as planned in the autumn.

The Growth Engine is Mälardalen University’s project, which offers to heads of Sörmland companies with up to 50 employees the opportunity of developing and growing. The initiative was taken last year and since the project has been a big success, the Growth Engine will continue for another year with new funding. Sparbanken Rekarne, Sparbanksstiftelsen Rekarne and Sörmlands Sparbank are investing SEK 500,000 and Eskilstuna Municipality SEK 200,000.

Two of Mälardalen University’s international students, Albert Franklin Bayeck and Mahgol Amin, have been appointed as Global Swedes by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. As Global Swedes, they will represent Sweden in their home countries and function as ambassadors for Sweden and Swedish higher education.

Students Emelie Wong and Torbjörn Johansson from Mälardalen University, together with senior lecturer Magnus Hoppe, have won second prize for their well-presented project at this year’s Euroweek. In total, 150 students participated in the international contest, and 21 projects competed on the theme Water, which is where our students won their prize.

The Knowledge Foundation (KK-stiftelsen) is giving out over 7 million kronor to newly-qualified PhDs who are considered to have the potential to become the research leaders of the future. Despite the large number of applicants, Mälardalen University succeeded in receiving almost half of the research money, 3.5 million, and is thus the higher education institution receiving the largest share from the Foundation.

This year, on the second Student Contest on Software Engineering (SCORE), organized by the most prestigious conference in Software Engineering, ICSE'11 (International Conference on Software Engineering) MDH:s two student teams, running projects at Distributed Software Development (DSD) Course have reached the final and will present their projects at ICSE'11 on Hawaii in May.

The 2011 honorary doctors at Mälardalen University are Björn Stigson and Paola Inverardi. They have both made significant contributions within the areas of sustainable development and software technology.

Vetenskaprådet (The Swedish Research Council) regularly arranges seminars within the humanities and social sciences every three months. These seminars are broadcast on TV, in the series UR Samtiden, where they constitute a very popular feature. Each show is said to be watched by an estimated 20-25,000 viewers on Kunskapskanalen, to which should be added re-runs and other media.

The Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research has awarded the prestigious individual grant for Future Research Leaders to Mälardalen University researcher Thomas Nolte, 33. The prize money of 10 million kronor gives him the opportunity of strengthening his research group in embedded computer systems, at the same time as the award clearly puts Mälardalen University on both the national and international map of excellent research.

As part of the Government’s investment in enhanced quality assurance in Sweden’s research programmes, higher education institutions have had to notify the Swedish National Agency for Higher Education about which specific subject areas research programmes are being conducted in and are awarding degrees for.

For one and a half years, Gisela Mohr, professor in work and organizational psychology at the University of Leipzig, has held the distinguished position of Visiting Professor in Honour of Alva Myrdal at Mälardalen University. On Friday, 10 December, she will speak to representatives from Eskilstuna Municipality about her research and her impressions.

The U.S. Ambassador in Stockholm, Matthew Barzun, came to Mälardalen University last week to be inspired and make new contacts.

Record-breaking prices for electricity have become more and more common during cold spells in winter. But what does it take for consumers to be willing to adapt their use of electricity to the supply? That’s what researchers at Mälardalen University are going to investigate in a large-scale project that received 5.5 million Swedish kronor (about €600,000) in funding from the Swedish Energy Agency.

Interactive robots, 3D nautical charts and new search techniques for multimedia content – these are some of the points on the programme when for the first time Mälardalen University hosts a national conference in computer graphics on 25 and 26 November.

In the stiff competition in the Swedish Research Council’s major call for proposals in the natural and technological sciences, Mälardalen University cashes in 16 million kronor during a four-year period. The money will go to research into embedded systems and mathematics.

The Dying Swan is sometimes moving smoothly and gently, sometimes in a dramatic and fiery manner, as Tchaikovsky´s majestic music from the ballet Swan Lake is playing. Yet this is no ordinary ballet dancer, but a robot in the form of a swan, created at Mälardalen University and choreographed by professional dancer Åsa Unander-Scharin.

On Saturday, 9th of October 2010, a major upgrade of the University data network is to take place. This will cause the local data network at MDH to be inaccessible on Saturday 9th of October 2010.

Cathrine Åsklint, 26, is the new chairman of Mälardalen Student Union. For Cathrine the Student Union fills an essential role in its work to improve the students' situation. During her term as chairman she strives to clarify, further develop and promote the organization.

On Friday the MIMA students at Mälardalen University participated in a ceremony to celebrate that they have finished their studies at the university.

Not everyone shares the same conditions when it comes to accessing information. So how can we design information so as not to exclude certain groups, such as the visually impaired? This is a central issue when Mälardalen University, in cooperation with the The Swedish Braille Authority, organizes a conference about Multimodal Learning Processes on 21-22 April.