Rektor Paul Pettersson och vice rektor för samverkan Helena Jerregård

Collaborate with us at MDH

Mälardalen University (MDH) has been in close cooperation with companies, organisations and the public sector for 40 years, which gives us a unique competence and experience. Our close cooperation with the private and public sectors enables us at MDH to help people feel better and the earth to last longer.

Every year Mälardalen University runs hundreds of cooperation projects with companies, county councils, municipalities, public authorities and organisations, both locally and regionally as well as globally. We cooperate with global companies and public operators in the region. We provide competence to close to 20 municipalities, two county councils and hundreds of small to medium sized companies.

Strategic Agreements

MDH have several strategic cooperation agreements with the private and public sector, for example ABB, Bombardier, Volvo, the municipalities and county councils in the region. Through these agreements we build a platform for long-term collaboration that is beneficial for all parties.

Collaboration with industry

Contact: Sara Olofsson, Division of Communications and External Relations
021-10 13 67

Collaboration with the public sector

Contact: Charlotta Svebéus, Division of Communications and External Relations
021-10 31 20