Academic writing

Academic writing will be a part of your studies here at Mälardalens Högskola, and it is possible to improve your own writing using an array of online tools. Below some free and useful links are listed, that will help you work independently on your writing.

Different kinds of dictionaries are useful for making sure you use appropriate language for the given context, as well as the correct grammar and spelling. There are several excellent online dictionaries: The Merriam Webster dictionary with word of the day and word quizzes as well as the Longman dictionary with similar features . The Cambridge dictionary also includes useful grammar help.  Collins dictionary includes information on pronunciation, British and American interpretations and is overall a very helpful tool.

Academic writing requires a specific register, and you can use the Academic phrasebank to find help with this. Oxford has an academic wordlis t that you may find useful, and here is a guide to academic genres.

This is a simple guide to essay writing, helping you with outline and structure. The online writing lab from Purdue will give you more in-depth insights and the online writing assistant can be of good use in the process of writing. This writing guide is specifically designed for writing in English in Sweden and includes help on all levels of writing.

Many students find Grammarly useful in the reviewing process, but we also have the SpellRight software to download from the mdh page. To be able to download this for free, you have to be logged on to your student account.

For proper referencing the APA guide for citation and references will be useful, and this sight will give tips for avoiding plagiarism

If you want to improve your writing skills, the MOOC course on Academic Writing from the University of Lund is recommended. and if there is not enough time to take the course, you can find the lectures on youtube